I am a technologist,winemaker,dad,glad-scientist in Seattle WA.

I born in Mexico City where I attended ASF for like a million years. I went to RPI from 08-2011 to 05-2015 where I got a BS in computer science.

Along the way I worked for KIO Networks,GE,Cisco,Basis Tech and now I work as a PM for Bing Relevance.

I work on Applied Metrics and Research focused on Information Retrieval and Deep Learning and I work on MSMARCO on the side.

I am pursuing my Masters in Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington (Targeting Aug 2020 graduation) focused on Language Models. I am proudly a Chicano/Latino.

I have previously worked on Machine Translation, Search and enterprise web services at Microsoft, MultiLingual Named Entity Resolution at Basis Tech, Publishing/Storytelling at Gapelia/Folio, Networking Software at Cisco, Website Design at GE and a myriad of other roles.

Outside of work and schooling I have a beautiful wife, an adorable baby. Together we make wine, ferment food, surf, kiteboard, camp, and renovate houses.